Hurricane 400

Hurricane 400

Drywall Pump

The Hurricane 400 XR is a large, hydraulically operated, towable drywall-mixer machine featuring either a single 369 gallon or split 240 gallon/129 gallon stainless steel mixing tank with one or two 2L4 rotor stator pumps. Every Hurricane series machine comes standard with an Automatic Self Compensating "Smart System" that automatically adjusts hydraulic oil flow to save fuel and reduce equipment wear & tear. Also standard is what we like to call, The Circle Of Trust, keeping your equipment pumping longer and better than anything else available. The pump and mixer can be infinitely controlled over its operating range for superior speed control. In addition, each machine uses a state-of-the-art hydraulic oil system to maximize efficiency, reduce equipment weight, and extend the life of the equipment's vital parts. This machine is ideal for medium to large sized jobs and requires a 1-ton tow vehicle.

Torque-Flex Trailer Frame
CompressorQuincy QT-7.5
Pump2L4 Rotor-Stator
EngineKohler 30HP Gas
Infinite Speed Control
Pressure Compensating Hydraulics
Mixer Capacity49 cu. ft. ( 369 gallons)
Split Tanks32 cu. ft. ( 240 gallons) / 17 cu. ft. ( 129 gallons)
DrywallDrywall texture is an inexpensive, easy-to-use application that adds visual interest to a room while masking wall imperfections.
Parts Listhurricane-400.pdf
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