Cyclone DC-88

Cyclone DC-88

Plaster Finishing Machine

The Cyclone DC-88 XR was designed from the ground up as a completely hydraulic, high production exterior finish machine. The Cyclone DC-88 XR utilizes an Automatic Self-Compensating "Smart System" to automatically adjust hydraulic oil flow to save fuel and reduce equipment wear & tear. It combines a hydraulically operated 14 cubic foot mixer with a hydraulically controlled hopper machine similar to the Cyclone 488 XR together in a convenient, towable package. The Cyclone DC-88 XR is an incredibly effective combination for color coat application. It can also pump acoustic, texture, EIFS, fireproofing, sand/cement slurries, and many other highly viscous and abrasive materials.

Infinite Speed Control
Pressure Compensating Hydraulics
Torque-Flex Trailer Frame
Pump2L6 Rotor-Stator
CompressorQuincy QTS-3
Shaker Box & Screen
Hopper Capacity13 cu. ft. (100 gallons)
EngineHatz 37HP Diesel
PlasteringPlaster is a building material used for the protective and/or decorative coating of walls and ceilings and for moulding and casting decorative elements.
FireproofingFireproofing is the process of making something (structures, materials, etc.) resistant to fire, or incombustible; or material for use in making anything fire-proof. It is a passive fire protection measure.
EIFSExterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) is a general class of non-load bearing building cladding systems that provides exterior walls with an insulated, water-resistant, finished surface in an integrated composite material system.
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