Automatic Self-Compensating "Smart System"

Spray Force uses an automatic self-compensating, user-friendly “Smart System” standard in EVERY Hurricane series drywall spray machine. This self-compensating system is also utilized in the Cyclone DC-8 XR and all of the Excalibur Hydra series equipment.

This state-of-the-art system is only found standard in Spray Force machines. When under load, the system automatically adjusts hydraulic oil flow based upon pump speed and mixer load to save fuel and reduce equipment wear & tear, prolonging the life of your machine.

Other manufacturers use a gear pump as a cheaper alternative. Without a self-compensating pump, your equipment is constantly working under maximum stress and therefore wearing out essential parts much more quickly.

Spray Force has been manufacturing Hurricane machines with self-compensating systems since 1991. Since that time, with over 2,000 units in service, Spray Force has yet to replace a self-compensating pump that wore out.

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