Iron Horse Plaster Rig


The Iron Horse S-1 Mobile is a variation of the world class Iron Horse mobile plaster pump designed specifically for swimming pool plaster contractors. The S-1 comes complete with an Iron Horse plaster pump and a 1010 Powermix mixer set up as a left-hand dump. The equipment is mounted on a tandem torque-flex axle for the smoothest ride possible.

The S-1 reverses pump and mixer placement from an Iron Horse Plaster Pump, with the mixer being mounted on the front of a tandem axle trailer with the Iron Horse plaster pump located at the rear. This configuration allows the mixer to work adjacent to a truck where material is stored for easy transfer.

The S-1 is designed to mix & pump swimming pool finish plaster and pebble surface products. The equipment is also set up so that the Excalibur plaster pump and 1010 Powermix can be unbolted from the trailer and easily mounted on a truck if desired.


Engine And Operation:

  • (37 HP Diesel Engine Optional)
  • QTS 3 Quincy Air Compressor
  • Hydraulically Powered Mixer, resulting in minimal maintenance and no mechanical failure
  • Reciprocating Pistons, Crank, and Cam
  • Infinite, separate speed controls for mixer, and 4 speed ratios for pump


  • Rugged, helically designed cast mixer blades
  • Able to mix material consistently, thoroughly, and splash-free
  • Full spout mixer
  • 14 cubic foot heavy gauge steel mixer bowl (17 cubic foot optional)


  • 9 cubic foot hopper


  • Pumps in excess of 500 feet of material hose
  • Handles all varieties of plaster, pebble, stucco, and fireproofing material


  • 3-3/4" Cylinders
  • Heavy duty steel manifold
  • 9" Polegun w/tips


  • Water Fill
  • (Optional) Shaker box & screen



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