Spray Force Powermix Mortar Mixers

Spray Force Powermix Series

The Spray Force Powermix is without a doubt the finest quality mixer built today. It's easy to operate and simple to maintain, while still being the most durable, rugged, and efficient mixer on the market. The Powermix series mixers offer helically designed cast mixer blades to 'dive' into the material rather than 'splat' on the surface, giving you a cleaner, more efficient jobsite. Both mixers use the largest shaft in the industry (1-5/8") for maximum equipment durability and incredibly long operating life. Lots of mixers give you a "cubic foot" measurement, but Spray Force calculates usable cubic feet by designing its mixer in a classic bowl shape to mix thoroughly and leave material contaminate free.

The Spray Force Powermix series simply mixes faster and splashes less. It's impossible to find a better mixer anywhere and when using a Powermix, you'll notice the difference right away. The difference between the two mixers is that the 1010 Powermix is a completely hydraulic system, while the 912 Powermix uses gear driven horsepower.

Spray Force Powermix Mortar Mixer Comparison Chart

912 Powermix Mortar Mixer

1010 Powermix Mortar Mixer

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