Excalibur Hydra vs. Competitor's Plaster Pumps

The Excalibur Hydra is the industry's only pool plaster pump, specifically engineered and manufactured for pool plaster contractors. Other manufacturer's simply use a regular stucco pump mounted on a truck bed; then they CALL it a pool plaster pump. Mounting a stucco pump doesn't make it a "pool plaster pump". It's still just a stucco pump.

Take a look at our comparison chart between the industry's only pool plaster pump and stucco pumps mounted on truck beds.

Excalibur Hydra
Stucco Pumps
What it means...
Gear-box pump with separate hydraulic mixer
The gear-box gives you no protection against hose packs and requires more mechanical maintenance. You'll bend pushrods & replace damaged equipment frequently, resorting to tricks like 'running the belt loose' to make up for the shortcomings of equipment not designed for pool plastering.
Deck-mounted, on-the-fly, infinite pump speed control
Manual speed control on ground level requiring pump to be off
The Hydra gives you on-the-fly speed adjustment, from 0 to 60 GPM, right on the deck where the operator can easily control flow volume. The gear-box requires turning the pump off and manually switching gears, with only 4 speed ratios to choose from.
Full spout, splash-free mixer
Half spout mixer
The full spout mixer gives thorough mixing, easy pouring, and no messy cleanup. The half spout mixer pours like a funnel, creating excessive back pressure & splash, and mixes poorly leaving material floating on top of the batch. The half spout mixers are always larger than the hopper, meaning the hopper can't even hold one full batch.
15 cubic foot hopper (the only full size hopper)
9 cubic foot hopper
The 15 cu. ft. hopper is the largest in the industry, with all other hoppers being 9 cu. ft. The 15 cu. ft. hopper allows you to mix 2-3 batches and maintain continuous nozzle flow throughout the plastering of the pool. Less waiting and less downtime equal more productive crews - gaining approximately 30 minutes on an average sized pool.
Full size bearing protector flaps
Undersized bearing flaps
The Hydra uses large bearing flaps to completely protect the most important part of the mixer. The competition's stucco pumps use small bearing flaps, inadequate for any real protection of the mixer and create more replacement parts for them to sell.
Large mixer shaft
Small mixer shaft
The Hydra uses an extra large mixer shaft for durability and performance. Compare it to the shaft of the competition's mixers.
Concealed hydraulic hoses for pump and mixer
Exposed hydraulic hoses on mixer (pump is gear driven)
The Hydra puts premiums on both performance and safety. Every hydraulic hose is carefully placed and concealed to prevent unnecessary maintenance accidents. Look at the competition's mixer hoses which run exposed on the truck bed, not to mention they don't have a hydraulic pump (no hoses there).
Engineered for pool plasterers
Stucco pump rigged for plastering pools
Spray Force listened to your needs and created a pool plaster pump for you, the pool plaster contractor. Don't continue to settle for rigged stucco equipment. Demand the right equipment for the job. Demand an Excalibur Hydra.

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