IRON HORSE Plaster Pump

The powerful J Glover IRON HORSE reciprocating piston pump meets the demands of today's toughest pumping challenges with high volume and low maintenance. Every component is designed for heavy-duty, non-stop work.

The Excalibur plaster pump uses reciprocating pistons, crank, and cam to produce 4 speed ratios and 3.75" cylinders to provide the smoothest pumping power available. With its heavy duty steel manifold and precision crafted parts, each Excalibur is built for maximum performance over several decades. The standard Excalibur plaster pump uses a 30HP Wisconsin gas engine but can be powered by gas engine, diesel engine, or electric motor for an indoor environment.

The Excalibur is capable up pumping up to 500ft of hose and up to 200ft in the air, making it the most powerful plaster pump on the planet. Capable of producing 50 GPM of volume, the Excalibur is ideal for scratch & brown, fireproofing, pool plaster finishes, pebble surfaces, and many other difficult and abrasive materials. For any pumping job requiring power and performance, the Excalibur is the pump of choice.

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