Spray Force:

Spray Force gives you more standard horsepower than anyone else in the industry and top quality engines to prolong equipment life, pump greater distances, and guarantee maximum performance from your drywall machine. 18HP Kohler gas engines with an additional two-stage air filtration system are standard on the smaller Hurricane series machines. Starting with the Hurricane 170 XR and extending up to some of our bigger machines is a 27HP Kohler gas engine with an additional two-stage air filtration system. This air filtration system allows 65% more air filter coverage to maximize equipment performance and engine life. Heavy duty 30HP Kohler engines are standard on the Hurricane 350 XR and 400 XR while the Hurricane 500 XR comes standard with a 37HP Hatz diesel engine. Spray Force gives you additional horsepower to ensure maximum equipment performance for any job requirement, and they do it standard . With spraying equipment, horsepower is king.

Spray Force Manufacturing Drywall Spray Equipment Shootout - Engine

Competitor A:

Competitor A includes 20HP & 25HP Kohler gas engines standard through its 300 series models, with UPGRADES available. Competitor A offers a John Deere or Perkins diesel engine standard on its 400 series and 500 series models, with UPGRADES to higher performance engines. Competitor A does not currently offer a two-stage air filtration system on its Kohler engines, a heavy duty Wisconsin engine, or Hatz diesel engines, all of which contribute to maximum performance, adequate horsepower, and extended equipment life.


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