Spray Force:

Spray Force gives you more compressor power to meet any job requirement, and they give it to you standard . Heavy duty, performance built Quincy™ compressors are used on all Spray Force drywall equipment to maximize airflow performance and extend compressor life. Quincy™ QTS-3 splash lubricated compressors are used on the smaller Hurricane series machines where performance and economy are important. Starting on the Hurricane 170 XR and extending to the larger machines Quincy™ QT7.5 splash lubricated compressors are used. On our larger machines, two-stage pressure lubricated Quincy 340 compressor systems are used standard to sustain higher pressures, spray longer distances, and allow for industrial strength day-to-day use.

Spray Force Manufacturing Drywall Spray Equipment Shootout - Compressor

Competitor A:

Competitor A includes Quincy™ QT7.5 splash lubricated compressors standard on all of their drywall equipment up through their largest machines, including their 300, 400, and 500 series models. Competitor A offers an UPGRADE to a Quincy™ 240 for $1,100 or a Quincy™ QT15 for $2,600 amongst other upgrade offers, but does not currently offer the two-stage Quincy™ 325 or Quincy™ 340 pressure lubricated model compressors. Competitor A compressors will produce a high CFM, but do not have the operating life, the ability to sustain higher pressures at distances greater than 100', or the durability of the two-stage pressure lubricated models. Though CFM is adequate, it's only one measurement and does not tell the whole story about the capabilities of a compressor.


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