Mixing Tank

Spray Force:

Spray Force constructs the most heavy duty mixing tank using the thickest gauge stainless steel in the industry for increased durability and tank life on all of its drywall equipment. Due to the steel thickness used, the need for reinforcement is eliminated thereby making the tank lighter and more portable while maintaining maximum equipment strength and durability. Every Spray Force tank is made by a master welder with over 30 years of welding experience. In addition, Spray Force uses only high quality stainless steel on anything that may come into contact with your material, including the lids, mixing paddles, and even nuts and bolts inside the tank. The lids use a heavy duty, performance minded stainless steel pin hinge to withstand the pressures of extreme use without binding. Spray Force has found this pin hinge to be superior in terms of build quality, durability, and ease of use. Inside the tank are heavy duty self-adjusting tank wipers to maintain maximum performance.

Spray Force Manufacturing Drywall Spray Equipment Shootout - Mixing Tank

Competitor A:

All Competitor A tanks, lids, and mixing paddles are stainless steel, but the tank uses reinforced end plates welded on the sides for bracing and base support which can be the result of lighter gauge steel. The paddles are a solid stainless steel welded construction and come with heavy duty adjustable tank wipers. Competitor A uses a continuous stainless lid hinge (or piano hinge) that though resistant to rust, has a tendency to bind and create metal fatigue after extended use and contact with material.


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