Spray Force:

Spray Force uses the most durable welding techniques in the industry on all of its equipment, including complete cope channel welding on all equipment frames, making the frames resilient to the pressures of day-to-day industrial use. The frame is a one piece, uninterrupted structure, from tow to tail, making it the most durable available. Axles are integrated into the frame structure and Spray Force uses the highest quality heavy duty steel fenders on all equipment.

Spray Force Manufacturing Drywall Spray Equipment Shootout - Frame

Competitor A:

Competitor A uses a tube welded frame that doubles as the air tank. Tube welding is quicker to perform when compared to complete cope channel welding, thus speeding up build time. Competitor A claims to have axles designed as part of frame structure and they use pressed steel fenders.


Advantage: Spray Force

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