Material Hose

Spray Force:

With over 30 years of drywall equipment manufacturing experience, Spray Force uses a 1200lbs. material burst hose for performance and economy. Spray Force's material hose is designed to withstand all of the rigorous day-to-day use high volume contractors have come to demand, but cost a fraction of what an expensive PVC hose would run.

Spray Force Manufacturing Drywall Spray Equipment Shootout - Material Hose

Competitor A:

Competitor A claims to have a high performance material hose rated at 3200lbs. burst. However, the connectors (hose clamps, splicers, and hose menders) are the limiting factor in overall hose strength, as the weakest pressure rating will become the overall unit's burst pressure. In addition, Competitor A's hose is more brittle, heavier to carry with the added thickness, and more difficult to use due to added stiffness in colder weather.


Advantage: Competitor A

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