Spray Force:

Spray Force has a world class torque-flex axle suspension frame trailer made with heavy duty framing that is cope channel welded and reinforced at all stress points. Spray Force uses one piece rails on its trailers for maximum strength and durability. This trailer is state-of-the-art and custom built to the differing specifications of each individual piece of equipment. The Hurricane 150 XR and 170 XR are equipped with torque-flex single axle trailers. The Hurricane 225 XR is equipped with a torque-flex single axle trailer and comes standard with electric brakes. The Hurricane 350 XR, 400 XR, and 500 XR are equipped with a torque-flex tandem axle trailer and come standard with electric brakes.

Spray Force Manufacturing Drywall Spray Equipment Shootout - Trailer

Competitor A:

Competitor A axles are equipped with independent suspension torsion arms that do not use springs. However, Competitor A uses cut and welded pieces on their trailer tubing, weakening the metal at the weld and reducing the overall strength of the equipment. Competitor A does provide electric brakes on all its 200 series models or larger.


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