Spray Force Circle Of Trust

The Circle Of Trust

The Spray Force Circle Of Trust includes 10 features that are standard in Hurricane series drywall machines to help you spray faster, longer, and easier than ever before. Be sure to compare a Spray Force machine with our competition to ensure you're getting ALL the best features. We're sure you'll find that when you compare to Spray Force, there is no other alternative.

#1 Automatic Self-Compensating "Smart System"
The user friendly "Smart System" comes standard in every Hurricane series machine - automatically adjusts hydraulic oil flow to save fuel and reduce equipment wear & tear.

#2 Infinite Controls For Mixer & Pump
Unlimited fingertip control for variable mixing and pumping speeds to meet any job requirement located conveniently for ease of use.

#3 Complete Cope Channel Welding
Spray Force uses the most durable welding techniques in the industry on all of its equipment, making our trailer frame the strongest and longest lasting around.

#4 Stainless Steel Mixing Tank
Our heavy duty mixing tank uses the thickest gauge stainless steel in the industry for increased durability and tank life, eliminating the need for reinforcement.

#5 Largest Shaft
Spray Force uses a 1-15/16" stainless steel shaft - the largest in the industry - to extend the life of your shaft & bearings.

#6 High Efficiency Oil System
The oil tank size has been reduced 50% with the addition of an oil replacement indicator and heat exchanger to decrease equipment weight, reduce maintenance costs, and improve ease of use.

#7 Industry's Highest Rated Compressor
Heavy duty Quincy compressors are standard to maximize airflow performance and extend compressor life well beyond the competition.

#8 More Standard Horsepower
Spray Force gives you more standard horsepower than anyone else in the industry to prolong engine life, pump greater distances, and guarantee maximum performance from your equipment.

#9 Concealed Hydraulic Hoses
Spray Force goes the extra mile to ensure all hydraulic hoses are covered and precisely located, thereby eliminating accidental hose damage and unnecessary maintenance costs.

#10 Torque-Flex Axles w/ Electric Brakes
Our world class torque-flex axle suspension frame is made with heavy duty framing that is reinforced at all stress points.

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