912 Powermix Mortar Mixer

912 Powermix

The 912 Powermix is a professional grade, gear driven mixer. The Powermix features helically designed cast mixer blades for a smooth 'dive' into the material, rather than the harsh 'splat' of other mixers. The blades rotational pattern coupled with the mixer's functional bowl shape allow the most complete and thorough mixing in the industry. The mixer bowl is a usable 14 cubic feet, completely mixing from top to bottom, unlike other mixers designed poorly for volume that leave material floating on the top.

The 912 Powermix features self-adjusting seals with a lubrication ring to prevent material from entering the bearing assembly and the largest bearing flaps in the industry. A double-bearing assembly is located at each end of the mixer bowl and is easily accessible for lubrication. The design and arrangement of the bearings and seals reduce maintenance to a minimum, leaving your equipment working longer and harder on the jobsite.

As a towable unit and as a part of various complete pieces of equipment, the 912 Powermix uses a full spout mixer for the easiest, splash free pouring of material. When required, the 912 Powermix can also be set up with a half spout. The Spray Force Powermix series simply mixes faster and splashes less. It's impossible to find a better mixer anywhere and when using a Powermix, you'll notice the difference right away.

Equipment And Operation:

  • Hi-torque 13 HP Kohler rope-start engine w/ oil sentinel to prevent engine damage from low oil
  • Heaviest duty hinged hood for full swing access to all drive components
  • Helically designed gears for smoother drive and longer gear life
  • Cast steel transmission and clutch housing directly coupled to mixer shaft and engine, eliminating need for belt, pulleys, and chains
  • Torque flex axle trailer
  • Heavy duty 14" wheels


  • Rugged proprietary helically designed cast mixer blades
  • Full forward and reverse swing for easy dumping and cleanup
  • Full spout or half spout available
  • 14 cubic foot heavy gauge steel mixer bowl - counter balanced for easy dumping
  • 1 - 5/8" mixer shaft - largest and heaviest duty in the business
  • Smoothest and longest lasting bearings in the industry with a large mud flap for added protection
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